Friday, September 23, 2011

Twilight Walk Recap

Whew! What a whirlwind the past two weeks have been! So many details and so much goodness pouring into last Saturday's big event.

And ... then there was the weather. Despite the thundershowers early Saturday morning, we were VERY blessed to have a cloudy but dry set-up. So grateful that our silent auction was under tents (Thanks, Coleman!). However, the threat of rain was ever-looming. We had everyone checking on their phones, watching the weather maps (Thanks, Andi!) and trying to figure out what to do. Luckily, we had use of the old Bishop Carroll gym (Thanks, Larry!). It's not a large space; we couldn't all fit and do our laps in there by any means. What to do?

Around 4:30 p.m., we could see the skies lighten and the sun warm over the track. You could see the bright spot coming from the south-west. And according to Andi's phone, you could also expect a big blob of rain right behind the clear spot. So, 20 minutes before the event was to start, we moved the entire silent auction--something that had taken hours to set up (Thanks, Andover Central Girls Softball Team, Andi, Candy, Steph, Fred, Anissa, Amy, Wendy, Lacie, Susan, Britany, Robin, Ryan, Nate, Mandi, Manny, Jordan, Gary, JR and BCHS NHS!) into the old gym! And while it wasn't our first choice, it turn out to be the right choice. We also moved the projector and video show to the gym.

We went to plan B with Accent Mobile Music (Thanks, Cathy!) where the board was set up in the gym and music was played outside from the PA in the press box. That meant that our KZSN emcee (Thanks, Chase!) had to announce from the press box, and that our live music by Logan Sorenson (Thanks, Logan!) had to play in the press box, too. Logan sounded GREAT!!! It actually turned out to be fun to hear "official" play-by-play announcing during the kids' races. ;)

The games were busy (Thanks, Rita and team!),
the massage tent was busy (Thanks, Jodi and Heritage College! I'll try again next year!),
Dorothy was a delight (Thanks, Susan!),

registration was busy (Thanks, Robin, Terry and Samantha!),

concessions were busy (Thanks, Leah, Derek, Darcie, Branigan, Andrea, Todd, Gary, Donna, Norma, Susan, Farmland, Cargill, Pepsi Bottling Company, Art's & Mary's and Dillon's!)

Along with the Wilkinson family, the top fundraising team also led the big crowd around the track: M&M Kids for Kyrie!!!!!!! The brother & sister power team raised over $800 in the fundraising challenge--talk about an inspiration to the rest of us!!! (Thanks, Madison & Mason!)

The balloons and star were distributed to our mighty walkers (Thanks, Tamera and the Riggs-Judd-Sabala-Gearhardt families!)

As the walk began, you wouldn't believe how the skies open up in one spot just in time to see this amazing--I mean, AMAZING!--sunset! Seriously! It was such a beautiful gift to see everything lit up as it there were a million candles gently lighting the sky and our way. It's something I'll never forget.

Kendra did a wonderful job speaking on behalf of 7-year-old survivor Anna Jo! (Thanks, Kendra!)

Another inspiration? Seeing the Marine Corp. run their 11 laps for the kids! It was so cool to see their team run together--reminds me what we're all trying to do against this cancer.

Our friend, Alli, chose the walk to celebrate her son's 3rd birthday! Brilliant and benevolent!!

After the laps, we all headed into the old gym, just as the clouds were rolling in. We had volunteer photographers catch it all, too! (Thanks, Shannon, Chele and Rachel!)

The silent auction looked incredible! So many compliments on how the auction had grown this year. (Thanks, Fred, Candy, Steph, Jordan, Lacie, Rubbermaid, Best Buy, Material Girls, Firefly Yoga Studios and so, so, so many more!) Plus, our own Kyrie Foundation Style Shop (Thanks, Kenzie!)

The Kyrie Foundation was presented with a wonderful check of over $1,700 from the Andover Central Girls Softball Team Hit for the Cure fundraiser! We love these girls for their courageous and generous hearts!

The Kyrie Foundation was also presented with wonderful check of $32,000 from the HawkerBeechcraft golf tournament! We are honored to be their recipient and inspired by their call to the community to do show similar support for the cause.

The foundation, in turn, presented award to the girls and to HawkerBeechcraft as well as to Kruse Corporation for their generosity and creativity (Thanks, Danny!) with the incredible Kyrie Foundation grill!

We debuted the first-ever Kyrie Foundation public service announcement (Thanks, JustinMcClureTV!), which was absolutely beautiful! And then our tribute video to you and to the children for whom we are fighting this disease.

And just as the silent auction closed and check-out began, you could hear the downpour outside. Perfect timing. ;)

We deeply and truly thank everyone who came to walk with us! And to all of our sponsors: AirTight Insulation, Pratt Industries, Midwest Mechanical, The Mattress Hub, American Family Insurance/Brad Woody Agency, Wired-Rite Electric, Jayhawk Oil Supply, Kirk & Becky Rundle Family, Asset Insurance Consultants, Jordan Chiropractic, KLM Photography, West Acres Bowling Center, Bishop Carroll High School, Accent Mobile Music, Kruse Corporation, Art's & Mary's, Heritage College, Cargill, Farmland, Firefly Yoga, Rubbermaid, Justin McClure TV, Material Girls Quilt Shoppe, Coleman Company, E-GrafX, Best Buy, KZSN 102.1, Overhead Door Company and Dillon's.

Together, we raised over $20,000 last Saturday for pediatric brain cancer research!!!!!!!!!!!!
WOO-HOO!!!!!!!!!!! A new record!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

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Melissa said...

Awesome! So excited to see this tiny little movement we helped start taking off and growing! Amazing what goodness has come out of a terrible loss! God is good!