Saturday, September 1, 2012

Happy Birthday Kyrie!

There are moments in life when you just know...God is involved.  Today was one of those days...full of those moments.

For those of you who don't know, today is Kyrie's birthday.  This day is so special for her family as it is full of memories of when she was brought into this world.  She was truly a gift from God...of this I am sure.  Last night as I was reading on facebook, I came across this post written by Lacie.

"Hard to believe my sweet little angel in heaven would have been 7 tomorrow.... Missing you like crazy here on Earth but so thankful to know we will be together again someday! Happy Birthday sweet Kyrie Dawn, not a day goes by we don't think about you! Sending a great Big I LOVE YOU to Heaven tonight!"

Kyrie Dawn Thome was more than a special little girl.  She was a special little girl with a mission.  A mission bigger than Jordan and Lacie could ever imagine.  Kyrie was sent to be loved and to inspire.  I know this as I was inspired by her.  I was inspired by a little girl I had never met.  I was inspired by a little girl whose story wouldn't reach my email until almost a year after she'd gone to be with Jesus.  I was inspired by a little girl's parents and their battle with her cancer.  I was inspired by the true love that encircled the people in her family and in her life.  I was inspired by the group of people who stared the Kyrie Foundation in Kyrie's memory to help save other babies and their families from ever having to go through what they went through.  

I can't thank God enough for allowing me the opportunity to be touched by Kyrie.  She touched my life and the lives of those around me in ways I can't explain.  I know those of you reading this post can relate.  If you are a part of this foundation, you have been touched as well.  

Today, we celebrate Kyrie's 7th birthday.  She is loved and missed beyond all comprehension.  She has two little brothers and a baby sister who will sing Happy Birthday to her tomorrow at a family gathering.  There will be pink cupcakes...and most likely balloons.  There will be laughter...and a few tears.  But there will be love and a lasting memory of Kyrie and how she touched their lives and continues to do so every, single day.  

With every smile from a child...remember Kyrie.

With every donation...remember Kyrie.

On September 15th, 2012 at Bishop Carroll High School...with every step...remember Kyrie.

With every candle that burns on a birthday cake, be grateful...and remember Kyrie.  

We are so very thankful for Kyrie Dawn Thome...the life she shared...and the story God continues to write. a friend, I thought it only right that we share "our" news.  Seeing how this is a family matter...I decided to let Jordan's post on facebook do the talking.  

"A very special Happy Birthday Today! My sweet princess Kyrie would be 7 years old today. Sept 1st has always been a happy day for me. And this Sept 1st, I get to Welcome a new little niece Emerson Grace into this world. Congratulations to Megan and Chad on your sweet baby girl! Today has been very special to us, and now you have this day to celebrate too.! And Really........What are the odds of that happening, today was meant to be the day. :)"

Today was full of those kind of moments for me.  I hope it was for you too.

Have a blessed day!
Amy Nelson

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