Sunday, September 2, 2012

My friend B

I was talking to a friend yesterday via text about the upcoming Twilight Walk.  My friend has a son whose birthday just happens to be September 15th.  I wanted to share with you the conversation they had about the walk and how he wanted to spend his 12th birthday.  This young man has two little sisters.  One is 3 and one is nine months old.

This was the conversation:

Stephanie:  Braden's bday is the 15th...and he was asking about party etc-I said well that's the day of the Kyrie you mind if we spend your birthday there?  He replied:

"No, that is fine.  We need to be there helping do what we can.  Last year all I could think of was what if that was bgirl (sister).  I will have lots of birthdays to celebrate.  We need to celebrate that little girl and help stop this."  Braden, age 11  

This is what it is all about.  This is an 11 year old boy.  He has been moved by Kyrie's story.  He wants to help in any way that he can. He is willing to give up the most special day of his help raise money to save other children.  

Please join us in our fight. Saturday, September 15th, 2012 at 5:00 p.m.

For more information, please go to Twilight Walk Event Page 

There are less than two weeks until the 5th annual Kyrie Foundation Twilight Walk.  

What will you give up to be there?

Have a blessed day!

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