Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thankful Thursday

So this week, two lovely Kyrie crusaders from Michigan shared themselves with me & Chad. They have some big ideas for doing good in the world on behalf of Kyrie and, let me tell you, it was as warming as wrapping in a down comforter on a snowy night. So good.

Who knew Kyrie would make friends out of us all here on a little ol' blog? I hope you, too, have swapped e-mails with fellow commentators here, made new e-friends or discovered that you're not alone, that you are part of something big (even if you're a lurker ;)).

And ... a little birdie told me that there are others who now circulate Thankful Thursdays! Is this true?! Aah! So good! Right now, there are seeds being planted, thoughts & ideas that are growing as I type this, ideas to promote the greatness of goodness. I love that.

Even though we're a good six months away from the Christmas season, I wanted you to know about a little book that tells a wonderful story about sharing & giving. Maybe you already know it. Maybe you already own it.

It's worth reading more than once a year.

And today, I'm thankful for Italian Antonio Meucci for inventing the telephone (the real inventor) without which I wouldn't have been able to hear the voices of those two kindred spirits in Michigan.


shelby said...

Megan - Wanted to drop a line and let you know that I still read this daily and I love being able to know what is going on with you on an almost daily basis - I feel like I am chatting with you everyday, which is something that you know we haven't got to do in a long time. I am looking forward to seeing you when you are down next time. And, I am so incredibly proud and humbled by all the good work that you are doing and that you are inspiring others to do. I feel truly blessed to have you as one of my oldest and bestest ( I know, its not a real word, but hey, it fits!!) friends. On this Thankful Thursday I am thankful for you first and foremost, and for as crazy as my life is this month and a half with 46 little league and t-ball games to attend, I am thankful for little league ball and sunflower seeds - hoorah its summer!!! - Love Shelby

motherof2 said...

You are so sweet, Megan!