Tuesday, June 26, 2007

This season's must-have for your wardrobe!

They're in! And here's our premiere fashion model wearing the "Go, Kyrie, Go!" tee!



(Chad's wearing an XL.)
p.s. There was some confusion over the T-shirt color. It's chocolate brown, not black.

So here's how it should work. We have the following sizes from which to choose:


S 6/8
M 10/12
L 14/16

Due to the intricacy of printing the design, the shirts cost a little more than we thought. So to cover the cost and raise funds for the foundation, the cost is $16 for adults and $13 for kids.

For friends and family in the Wichita area, Chad & I will be home this weekend, June 29-July 1. You can purchase & receive your shirts in person either at the Friday night gathering, after the Saturday wedding or Sunday after church. For those of you in K.C., call or e-mail and we can set up a swap. For those in the Maryville, MO area, Chad will make a run up there to deliver once we receive orders. For Kyrie's friends at-large, we're happy to mail shirts out, but please add $2.00 for postage (we'll cover the cost of envelopes/boxes.)

If we will not see you this weekend, here's how to order: Please mail us your check or cash for the quantity of shirts, the sizes and where we can mail them to you. Please make checks out to The Kyrie Foundation. Mail to:

The Kyrie Foundation
213 S.W. Sunset Drive
Lee's Summit, MO 64081

Feel free to call or e-mail me if you'll be in town and would like to get a shirt.

There are limited quantities of sizes, so the sooner you order, the better. In fact, I didn't have them in my office for 60 seconds before two sold (and not to me or Chad!). I've also heard that some people are ordering the tees as gifts. Wa-hoo!

Inevitably and hopefully, people may ask you what "Go, Kyrie, Go!" is about. We hope you use that invitation to tell someone about Kyrie, about the need for funding pediatric brain cancer research and about how you are part of Kyrie's legacy for doing good things with your life as a way of honoring her and those who are with the angels.


Erin said...

These are so wonderful!! I will be placing an order. Have you guys thought about starting a paypal account for people to use? Just might be easier than checks...

Just a thought!


Melissa said...

Hi Meg! Welcome back to the US of A! :)
Can't wait to get our t's this weekend, and to see you and Chad! So excited!
Love and Hugs,

motherof2 said...

the t-shirts are amazing! i love them! i will send our money in the mail to the foundation address..i cant wait to see the unveiling of the website! yeah!!!