Sunday, June 3, 2007

Weekend Walk

The American Heart Association walk this weekend was a great event. The team for Chad's Auntie Ann wore bright red tanks with her name printed on the backs. So great to have the fam come together on a gorgeous day honoring a fantastic person and getting some sunshine and three miles of fresh air.

Here's Chad & I (nevermind the porta-john in the background).

Did you happen to see that necklace? I made a pendant with Kyrie's calling on it. Here's a closer look:

And on the other side, I made a tribute design to Auntie Ann. She would always sign off her e-mails, letter and cards with the word peace.

The rest of the weekend was filled with good times, cheesy potatoes and lots of sharing stories and feelings about Auntie Ann, Kyrie, Ethan and so many others. Chad's cousin Maureen said something this weekend that really struck me. First off, Maureen and her husband just had preemie twin girls February 2. Ella & Ava are numbers four & five of their burgeoning, child-filled household. So lucky are those five children to have Maureen & John for parents. She is also running a marathon in Chicago; she cooks & bakes out-of-this world recipes; she helps woman her husband's insurance business; she's a do-it-all-with-a-smile kind of person, and she is a giver in the best sense of the word.

So we were talking about children and behaviors and lessons and Maureen emphasizes, in their house, "We share everything." Toys, books, clothes, snacks. Everything. I can attest first-hand that she & John practice that themselves, too. Time, talent, treasure, they share. And their children are wonderful sharers. Their children are good, happy friends to each other and their cousins.

Sharing is the action of compassion, empathy and altruism all rolled into one. So simple is this idea that it's often forgotten. In an age and country where more is better, and everyone wants a bigger piece of the pie for themselves, what a good reminder to imprint on our hearts, no? And on heels of that lesson, comes "Recieve well." Care for that which has been shared as you would if it had been yours all along. Appreciate.

So as this week begins, maybe we can share something with someone in the next seven days. Maybe you share a comment here or maybe you share Kyrie's story with someone special.

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Melissa said...

Hey Meg! The new banner is great! I love, love, love the necklace you made and all of it's symbolism...I need one to hang from my rear view mirror...that might make the act of smiling at the jerk that cut me off in traffic a little easier, huh? :) I'm so glad that God gave you a beautiful day for your walk...probably His very own way of honoring Aunt Ann, don't you think? I am SO looking forward to the time when we are all together, gathered for an event in Kyrie's honor.

You never cease to amaze me...I know I'm not alone in feeling that you are writing these blog entries SPECIFICALLY for me...You just always seems to speak to me, right where I am. Thanks for that and all that you are to me and so many others.