Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Another angel.

For many of you following our posts each day, you may remember this one about another little 17-month-old girl, Taya, and her family in Canada who were fighting the same kind of cancer that Kyrie had. They, too, endured the crainiotomy that removed part of the tumor. They, too, found very little information or progressive treatments for this type of cancer. They, too, were beleaguered to learn that the tumor returned to its original size despite both conventional chemo and an experimental chemo drug combination.

The angels came for sweet Taya on Christmas morning.

Please hold Taya and her family close in your prayers. We are stunned and pained for yet another senseless heartbreak.

For those interested in sending cards, we'll post information should the family want to make that info public.


ksfaith said...

I sit here in tears and wonder "WHY God?" Sometimes His plan is so hard to understand. We will be praying for this family and thinking of Taya and Kyrie playing in all heaven's glory!!

Clarkers said...

This is so sad... I don't even know what to say. My devotion tonight was about Revelation 21:4....God's promise that in eternity there will be no more death, mourning, crying or pain. In time's like these those promises are so comforting. Thank you Lord... that this is not the end! We will be praying for Taya's family.

Melissa said...

There are no words...Taya's family will be on my heart and in my prayers. I'm ever more determined to squash this evil disease that is stealing our sweet children. Please God, help us find a cure very soon.

Big Love,