Monday, January 14, 2008

A few notes ...

We would be remiss if we did not thank several kind souls who have donated time & resources to the Kyrie Foundation in the last couple of weeks: Jeff & Margorie Sondermann, the Degner family, Kelly Jackson, Phil & Elizabeth Larsen, the Knights of Columbus, Frosty & Elf Rita and a few of those incredible anonymous donors. To these and to all of you who have validated our cause and propelled the Kyrie Foundation into existence in 2007, we send you our most sincere and humble gratitude. And ... watch out for a very productive 2008!

Also, we are sending out 2007 donation statements for your tax purposes before the end of this month. And in order to minimize administrative costs and to be as "green" as possible, for those of whom we have e-mail addresses, we'll be sending statements out via e-mail in a PDF attachment. It will arrive from our address. All others will be sent out snail mail.

Several of you have asked what you can do to help in addition to what's already been done. All we can ask right now is for you to talk. Tell people about what you're doing. If you have a Web site or blog, link to us. A friend of mine sent out a mass e-mail to all her contacts explaining the foundation, iGive & GoodSearch; it was fantastic! We have some exciting ideas planned for 2008, and we'll need lots of people just like you who are willing to kick this cancer to the moon.

Stay tuned!

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