Friday, January 4, 2008

Still reeling.

Completely agree with the sentiments felt by our commentators this week. Why? And again, I feel guilty for questioning His plan and His goodness, but that's what happens when the plan doesn't make any sense. So thoroughly unfair.

This week's questioning recalled a comment left by motherof2 earlier this year about how in Kyrie's case, in Taya's case, there is no "at least." No "at least she experienced this or that." No "at least she didn't suffer." No "at least they got time to really fight." {big sigh}

These children are too little, the cancer too vicious, the research too sparse, the time too short. And I wonder how many more families will have their hearts ripped out like this? Oh, God—how many more????

Which affirms the extreme importance of what we're all doing here. You & me and our families and our friends and their friends and their families are going to fight this much like David & Goliath. We know that there are a lot of charities out there competing for your help. We know that we're not celebrities or high-ranking politicians or influential types that can woo your help. It's just us: moms, dads, aunts, uncles, grandparents, great-grandparents, dear friends, long-distance friends, bus drivers, secretaries, assistants, middle managers, photographers, machinists, hair stylists, farmers, teachers, gardeners, grocery shoppers, 4th graders, casserole makers, casserole eaters, the faith-filled, the faith half-filled, the do gooders and the hopeful. And many of us are from the middle states and/or the middle class, which are often overlooked and under-appreciated despite our collective ability to feed the country and construct the future. Yet, greatness often comes from where you least expect it, doesn't it?

It took some time for me to really get what Natalie Grant sings about in her song "Held," but Clarkers totally nailed it in her comment left Wednesday. This is not the end.

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Chaney said...

My heart just aches for this family and all those we don't know about that may be suffering from similar circumstances. I KNOW in my heart that He has a purpose for all this, but my mind just keeps trying to make sense of it and the countless times I've tried to understand, I always fail to see why. Why do such unspeakable things happen to such good people? Why must it hurt so badly? Why? I remind myself of dear family friends who lost their son in a car accident 22 years ago...they have a saying framed with his senior picture and it says "You risk crying when you have let yourself love." How true. We are so blessed to experience such strong love, but oh how it hurts to lose those we hold so dear. The pain is always lurking in the shadows and at times threatens to consume us. That is when we have to turn to Him and rejoice for all the precious moments we had with that loved one and know that we will once again be with them someday in the Glorious Kingdom of Heaven!
It took me some time as well to completely grasp the concept of "Held". I had listend to it numerous times, but one night I sat starring at the lyrics as the song played and it hit me like a ton of bricks. This is what His promise is all about. He never said we wouldn't have pain or face horrific trials in our lives; he said he would always be there to hold us. What a magnificent promise! We have to cling to that and KNOW His unfailing love will carry us through the valleys.
Our prayers will be with this family and as always, with Jordan and Lacie and their families.
God Bless you all.
Chaney Kraft