Sunday, April 6, 2008

For today.

You may have heard or seen the news stories about the two families whose daughters were mistakenly identified after a tragic car wreck in Indiana. For five weeks, one family tended to the girl who they believed was their daughter, and the other family mourned. Then they both found out the truth.

These families were recently on Oprah, and toward the end of the interview, after the correct identity was discovered, these faith-filled families recalled their face-to-face meeting. The father of the newly identified, alive daughter, Mr. Cerak, compassionately, regretfully says to the other father, "I'm sorry we got the happy ending."

The other father, Mr. Van Ryn, who realizes that his daughter has really been gone for the past five weeks, replies, "So did we. We just haven't seen the whole ending yet."

Amidst the past year's storm of grief--the kind of grief that grips you when you're pushing your grocery cart or when at your desk job or when you're behind the wheel or lying awake at night or brushing your teeth or among friends or with family or by yourself--there have been umbrellas generously offered by you all who are willing to stand in the pouring rain with us, with Lacie & Jordan. Again and again, we thank you, and we must continue to remind ourselves and each other that we just haven't seen the whole ending yet.

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