Monday, April 28, 2008

Jardin de Tuileries.

A coupla photos of the tulips in Kyrie's garden from this past weekend. Some of the tulips have already bloomed and subsided, but plenty more have held on despite the whirlwind weather and vegetarian varmints.

Good to spring into spring on this Monday, no?

Speaking of veggies, this Thursday is the deadline for submitting recipes to the Kyrie Foundation cookbook! Again, we're doing really good on the desserts, but there's plenty of room for more hors d'oeuvres, soups, salads and sides. Of course, main dishes are welcome, too, as well as good kid recipes (dishes that kids can make or recipes that make kid-friendly stuff.) So I would challenge you to think of your go-to recipe:

• What is the one never-fail, always-a-winner recipe for which you are known?
• What is the dish that everyone asks you to bring?
• What is the dish that you crave when you've had a bad day or when someone needs cheering up?

Again, we'll give you (or whomever you wish) full credit and homage for bestowing upon us the treasured recipes that make you proud and semi-famous. Please send all recipes to Jan Munroe at Can't wait to see what you feed your body & soul!

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Melissa said...

Bee-U-tiful!!! Love the pictures, thanks for sharing... I now have a new desktop background on my computer screen! :)

Big Love,