Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Finishing touches.

So we're in the home stretch of organizing the big, fab art+gift auction! Looking through all the donations, I have to say we have been extremely blessed. We are so lucky to have the help of so many. All the Yeses put all the Nos to shame. ;)

Looking back on the last 10 months of thinking and planning and calling and asking and running, we are pretty astonished at how far we've come. We've been up against a saturated non-profit market here in K.C., competing for time, attention, space and funds with other organizations that are more established, bigger or have more resources. We've been up against the economy, its fears and worries. We've also been up against whatever happens to be going on in your lives, be it ball games, out-of-town trips and a host of other ideas vying for your time.

The thing is, though, cancer doesn't stop for any of that.

Kids are still having craniotomies today, chemotherapy today, radiation today, seizures today.

So we hope you take heart knowing how much your participation means to The Kyrie Foundation. We take no gesture for granted. We, the healthy, the able, are the only ones in a position to fight this monster while these parents are fighting for the lives of their children. We thank you. Oh, how we thank you for being with us tomorrow night.

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motherof2 said...

Any chance of us far away being able to participate online?