Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Letting it settle in.

Metamorphosis 2008 was a tremendous night for us. As I told many people that evening, it is just as important, if not more so, that we earn a good reputation as we earn those research dollars. We met so many new people who had the opportunity to meet Kyrie through her tribute video and who offered to help save the next Kyrie with us. The whole idea was to make art turn into hope, to make shopping turn into research and of course, that tears would turn into triumph. Changing hurt & loss into help & hope is nothing short of a miracle, but with your help, I think we achieved that last Thursday.

Everything went so smoothly and the response so positive that I'm pretty sure that you can look forward to Metamorphosis 2009!

And how about that band?! Don't we love Softee!?!?!?! I mean, how many bands include a cello? Love that. And I don't know that I've ever met four sweeter, cuter, more talented girls. They've got the "sugar & spice" thing totally down, and they also "get" how important this cause is, which endears them to us even more.

Have you had a chance to scroll through the photos from the link on the last post? Chris Bendet did a fantastic job, didn't he? Another amazing volunteer for whom we are incredibly grateful.

I don't have to ask if the food was good. :) We were worried that we'd have a ton of food leftover. What a needless worry that was! Thanks to the delish dishes of Thomas, D'Bronx, Room 39, La Bodega, Sweet City Cupcakes and Sunset Grill, we had tasty nibbles to go along with The Foundry's great local brew. Did you notice the gorgeous & delicious blue, butterfly sugar cookies? Another amazing soul, Karen Schotsch, volunteered to create those scrumptious morsels. So touching. She, in fact, was the first person to heartily climb on board this event and provided ideas and advice and donations every step of the way. We adore Karen.

We are also indebted to Studio 2131 for their great venue. I don't know that we could have chosen a more inviting, approachable space in which to showcase the art & gifts. Speaking of which, we are so thankful to the donors who made this event happen. Artists from all over the country mixed with a cornucopia of local talent made for a great offering. A remarkable friend, Patrick Sheridan, was an incredible source of procuring art for us. We thank him profusely! And to all the donating retailers in the Kansas City area, we know that helping a new nonprofit is the last thing on your to-do list, but what a difference you made for us by lending us your reputation and giving us an item for the night.

And to our guests, thank you for making time, finding time, giving time to us Thursday. One evening, just four hours out of your year, made a world of difference for us and the fight against brain cancer. You make us.

So ...

as we put the caps back on the pens and the vases back in their places, we are once again humbled by your generosity and honored by your presence to stand with us.

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Shawna Carpenter said...

I for one am already looking forward to next years event! Count me in for any help you need.