Friday, December 19, 2008

The heft of the season ...

For all the merrymaking and joy that is standard issue this time of year, there are just as many, if not more, heartbreaking situations that simultaneously exist. And how can that be? Shouldn't Christmas joy erase sadness? Shouldn't faith manifest jobs to the jobless and healing to the sick? Shouldn't Christmas snow baptize the world anew?

In a fallen world, Santa's bag is a mixed one. We are able to be joyous for a new child, feel guilt for that joy because of another child's loss, feel confused over that emotional duality and then despair over the discomfort of those simultaneous, irresolvable feelings. Merry Christmas.

There are no easy answers. Perhaps no real answers at all. There are two ideas, however, that may give respite in this season's bumpy ride.

1) do the best you can. give what you can, even if that means giving the benefit of the doubt. be better to one another. help where you can. look for those "opportunities" we mentioned yesterday. doing good creates the stepping stones upon which we can cross the raging river.

2) this is not the end. we are not in charge. we can only do our best (see idea #1).

Just a few thoughts that came as a result from a comment that Frosty sent to yesterday's post. Perhaps you can relate ...

I am thankful for those "emotional tears" that instantly come to your eyes. When something NOT tragic or sad or hurtful happens but that are all of a sudden in your eyes when a happy and surprising and touching thing happens.

Right now I have friends and family, here and there, that have some personal struggles. Some are without a job in this unknowing economy. Others are currently dealing with loved ones who are fighting cancer. A coworker whose father-in-law has just passed away. One who needs to sell her home. Another trying to help her son stay in college. My young cousin who is struggling with a mental disorder. A friend's mother who is showing signs of aging. A girlfriend's nephew who is the victim of an unsolved death. Another friend trying to cope with missing an alcoholic ex. And me, learning through a daily blog of a friend's family, that is starting the long road of chemo and radiation on their 3-year-old daughter.

ALL of these struggles and heartaches continue on. No matter that Christmas is coming. No matter that this is supposed to be "Tis the season …" Everyone has to go on. Cope. Deal with. Live.

And then THOSE "emotional tears" come to my eyes because…

I open an envelope from a friend with a check for $100.00 to put towards our "Frosty & Friends visit to Wesley Hospital Pediatric Floor". I go home and there on my front porch among a dusting of snow, is a brown paper wrapped box from an Aunt Megan FILLED with goodies for our trek on Monday nite,and an oh-so-sweet note of appreciation. A friend who I know is running a bit short on funds right now, slips me $10.00. My mom & dad seem to bring "just a little something for your hospital kids"… a shopping bag with this-and-that in it every time I've seen them this past month. A gift card arrives from an aunt whose very own niece is getting ready for that long road of chemo and radiation that I talked about. A coworker shares our hospital journey with her best friend and her best friend tells that story to her mom and her mom passes it on to her grandma and….viola'…I have 35 homemade/quilted baby blankets to take with me. I'm heard talking about "Frosty & Elf Rita" at work, and the next thing I know, I have a company check in hand.

THESE are the "emotional tears" that I am thankful for and the kind souls that despite what they are going thru have given and given and given. Yup … these are good tears.

Watch out, a warm heart may just melt ol' Frosty!


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Chad E. said...

I am very excited to hear about the journey tonight for Frosty and Friends! Thank you from those that cannot be there but are with you in heart and spirit.