Monday, December 22, 2008

News at 10!

Just got word that the trip to Wesley tonight was incredible! And ... you can see a piece of it tonight on KAKE Channel 10! Frosty & Elf Rita's trip to Wesley's pediatric floor to deliver gifts & good cheer was captured for a piece on the 10 o'clock news. Not sure if they'll post the video on their site for us out-of-towners, but perhaps we'll see a blurb on in tomorrow.

Fantastic work Frosty, Elf Rita and friends! More to come tomorrow.

Go, sweet Kyrie, go!!!


Chad E. said...

A very special thanks to Frosty and Friends for not just making this a one-time effort. By continuing to show that people still care, these kids are seeing that while there are still obstacles in their path, there are just as many forces of good working on their side.

tinycandi said...

I thought that was Rita!
I caught this on the news that night...such an amazing job!