Monday, December 15, 2008


Today is the big day for all toys, games, giftcards + donations to be in the hands of Frosty & Friends! They'll spend this week sorting & filling in gaps for their big trip NEXT MONDAY NIGHT! Woo-hoo!

We've been getting updates from Frosty about the nifty gifts that have arrived from you in the past week or so. Thank you for thinking of these children and their families. A hospital room is probably the last place any of us would want to spend the holiday season. While everyone else is shopping, wrapping, baking and merrymaking, these parents are hoping & praying for their child to be well, such a simple desire that we, the healthy, can so easily overlook. Often times, mom or dad has to be away from work or quit altogether to take care of a sick child, which equally makes necessities and Christmas gifts financially stressful. For these reasons and a hundred more, we thank Frosty & Friends for their generosity.

Another little note from Frosty:

We went to a little monthly party Friday night and the organizers were kind enough to put on their flier that we were collecting toys/etc. for Frosty & Friends. LOOK!! We got lots of neat-o treasurers!! AND some cash!!

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