Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Circles and connections.

Nearly two years ago, two little girls in Iowa celebrated her 8th birthdays by inviting friends to make donations to The Kyrie Foundation instead of purchasing traditional birthday gifts. With that decision, small but mighty Emma and Abby (and their parents) hosted the very first fundraiser for us. A normal, everyday decision with powerful and profound meaning.

That weekend, Chad and I motored north to celebrate with Emma and her family. We thought that her generosity deserved a little of our generosity, so we selected a small gift to inspire her to create more good ideas. That gift was this clever and entertaining book:

Now, in a strange and wonderful twist of paths, those of you who read this post will see that the illustrator of Emma's gift is none other than same benevolent artist, Keri Smith, who has donated to the 2009 art auction. Isn't that something? I mean, really, really something?

I love it when the world is tethered together by goodness.

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