Wednesday, July 22, 2009

To tweet or not to tweet?

The other day someone asked me if The Kyrie Foundation would start a following on Twitter. It's difficult these days to escape the twittering about Twitter. In case you've been baffled by yet another form of social media, it's basically a way to mini-blog. You create an account and acquire followers who are updated on whatever 140-character report you send out, a sentence or two about what you are doing. It's much like the status line on Facebook.

We considered it. After all, getting the word out about who we are, what we're doing and hoping (and deeply praying!) for people to simply come to our events has been a lot of work (and more prayers!). About this same time, Conan O'Brien told a joke on his late night show that made me think about all this social media stuff. [Warning: This joke is just a joke. It's not meant to lower our verbal standards here on the blog. :)] He joked that in the future, YouTube, Facebook and Twitter would all join forces to create a new site called YouTwitFace. I laughed out loud!

So, the short of it? No, we will not be tweeting. 1) We already have this blog, which is a labor of love and a safe place to come together to support each other, to think about ideas and stay connected to the cause. 2) We already have The Kyrie Foundation web site, another official method of communicating what is happening with us. 3) We already have a growing community of supporters on Facebook, still another way to get the word out about events and happenings.

If, however, someone invented a web site where we could sign up to get guaranteed cures for cancers sent to everyone who needs 'em, we'd be all over that one.

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