Sunday, July 12, 2009

This little light of mine.

It's a dark, rainy Sunday morning here. Belly rumbles of thunder, veins of rain spilling down the gutters, cars shushing through pavement-bottomed lakes with sidewalk beaches. Mornings like this are ideal for being still, for contemplation, for calculating priorities, for examining where you've been and where you're going. Mornings like this are for snuggling with your children, putting on a pot of coffee, coming home from church to a warm breakfast casserole, and for me, listening to a CD of vespers.

I also lit a candle this morning (for some illumination on a gray day). A while back, Chad's cousin passed along a candle that was lovingly crafted by her dear friend. Thank you so much, friend. Today this tiny candle flickers alongside our family photos on the old hutch in our office.

I love this little light. Maybe you will, too.


debbie from wisconsin said...

So excited to peak in today to catch up on the blog and find the candle! I would be honored to make a row of candles to honor Kyrie at a future event. Perhaps the art event?! You (and Kryie) have been a life changing gift. I faithfully read your blog and proudly own a t-shirt and plan to attend an event down the road (we live in Wisconsin or we would have by now!). Please know that your words and Kyrie's story have made a tremendous impact on others. Kyrie is a tiny star of light for so many - a force for good.

humblepie said...

Thank you SO much, Debbie! Both for the lovely candle and for the kind words. You have no idea how much it means to know that two years later Kyrie's blog still matters.

We would LOVE to showcase a row of your Kyrie candles at the art auction! What a generous and absolutely perfect idea! Thank you!