Monday, August 30, 2010

Can I getta YES!?

So have you registered yet? Have you sent an e-mail out asking your friend/sister/mom/dad/cousin/neighbor to join you? Have you called in to KFDI thanking them for telling others about what you support? Are you pumped to give pediatric brain cancer the what-for? YESSSSSS!!!!!!

You know, at the golf tournament, I remember thinking: this is where the cancer war is won and lost. We often think it's in the laboratory or in a hospital room, but really this war on cancer is won or lost in our hearts and minds right this very minute. We learned through PBTF that it's money that gets the cure. That's it. It's money that attracts the researchers/institutions to study a cancer to get better treatments, to get the cure. That's why the odds for survival are better now for breast cancer and for leukemia. It's because the money was raised for the researchers to do the work. That's it.

So, here's the thing: the decision to go or not to go is really the decision to cure cancer or not. It's the decision to make a pledge, to be a sponsor, to bring your friends—that's what wins this war, not necessarily a microscope somewhere. Strange, isn't it? Suddenly YOU really, really, really, really matter. That $10? It really, really, really, really matters.

Register TODAY!

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