Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Meanwhile, ... in September ...

So we know that we'll see some of you this Saturday--yea!!!!!!!!!!!--and we hope to see the rest of you on a certain Saturday in September!

You can sign up right now! How's that for cool? And this year we did something kind of special. 

Several of you wanted to raise money for us and tapped friends and family to help fund your goal. We thought it would be a good to give you a tool that would allow you to do that easier and with anybody you knew in the entire world, so we bought a subscription to DoJiggy, and online software site that allows you to register and create your own fundraising page! Plus, you can connect your friends' pages together to form a team!

You can still ask for donations with a regular paper form, too (just download it from the site!), and add it to your total.

We feel like we took a huge leap forward with this. Probably sounds like a given in the professional charity world, but remember we're just feeling our way on all of this.

And we have some fun new ideas to share with you about this year's Twilight Walk, too! Can't wait!

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