Thursday, August 5, 2010

Today on Dr. Phil!

Please tune in today, if you can, to watch little Kate McRae's family on the Dr. Phil show. We here on Kyrie's blog have been praying for Kate nonstop since we learned of her battle with brain cancer last year. Her mother graciously allowed us to include Kate's photos & story in our video for the Twilight Walk last year.

My prayers for Kate rock my core. It's irrational, but it's as if I get to pray for Kyrie again. I get to ask once again for what we weren't able to have three years ago. It's another chance.

I also think this segment may give you some insight on why it's so important to do what we are doing. If you know someone who is on the fence about golfing with us Saturday or walking with us next month, please pass this along!

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