Monday, April 4, 2011

Just a side note.

We know many of you have asked about The Kyrie Foundation trying again for a Pepsi Refresh grant since last October we can in 4th nationally for the $250K grant. Pepsi has altered the rules for ideas that are submitted and no longer offer the health category in which the foundation's work falls.

"We've kept some categories. Lost others. The goal? Refreshing people everywhere. We're psyched to announce this year's line-up: Arts & Music, Education, Communities, and an exciting fourth category – the Pepsi Challenge."

The new categories are these:

Arts & Music
Bring culture into more lives and show the world why creative people rule.

Tell us how you’d refresh everything from after school programs to lunch menus.

Build some playgrounds! Save some parks! Make your town better for everyone in it.

There one other category called The New Pepsi Challenge, but the description is a bit vague: How would you rock the house to support a good cause?

My guess is that medical research takes awhile to show evidence of the grant money being used, meaning there probably aren't as many photo ops for this as there would be a school makeover or a new park. So I'm afraid that the foundation as a whole does not qualify to submit an idea, which is disappointing. But I'm wondering if we put our heads together if we couldn't come up with something that would help what TKF does. Maybe Frosty/Easter Bunny's trips? Maybe the new blanket program? Let's brainstorm!

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