Sunday, April 3, 2011

Krop 2011 Recap

AAAAaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! What a great day we all had!!!!! It was so fun to see familiar faces return to Scrap Like You Mean It! A full 12 hours of scraptastic goodness! And someone had so much fun that they lost their pants. Literally. We found a pair of jeans when we were cleaning up Saturday night. So if you were driving home and felt like something was strange, we might know why.

We kicked off the morning with our great friend and volunteer Tamera at registration, some cool tunage and our very goodie bags, including the latest issue of CardMaker Magazine.

Our friend Bonnie with Juice Plus served up delicious and nutritious fresh sunrise smoothies.

Then, our friend Donna showed up to bring her handmade blankets that are being distributed to children this week. We ambushed Donna with an award for her altruistic generosity and genuine love that she has poured into making our "blanket ministry" come to life. Amy said a few words that made us all choke up as Amy is known to do. Donna also organized and sewed our foundation t-shirt quilt, a collection of all of our event tees, as well as embroidered aprons and decorated spoons to turn our cookbooks into gift sets. Amazing ideas from an amazing soul.

Theresa with The Angel Company, Amy with Scentsy, Diane with The Wish List, Michelle with Premiere Jewelry and Linda & Terry with Creative Jewelry were all on-hand with cool stuffage. I bought a few jewelry sets and some baby shower gifts. Thank you, ladies, for spending your Saturday with us!

Our friend Susan stopped by to let everyone know that her annual big Easter Bunny trip to Wesley Hospital is hoppening (tee-hee!) in couple of weeks. If you have room to pick up a few extra Easter basket goodies to send her way, she would LOVE YOU FOREVER!

Scrapping amidst a ton of freebies and prizes was the aim of the day. Thank you to McAllister's Deli for our delish lunch AND to the super salad makers who presented fantastic salads from The Kyrie Foundation cookbook! A round of applause to Kruse Corporation and to an anonymous donor for underwriting a portion of our food prep. Even bigger thanks to Melissa and Madison for their kitchen superpowers, turning food into feasts!

Great Nana Norma's cookies were, again, beyond fantastic. I can't really type the exact description that a friend mentioned regarding these cookies, but I heartily agree with the assessment. ;) Then we had the scrappers garage sale. Holy cow! It's so fun to see good deals going to a great cause.

D'Mario's pizza from Cheney, Kansas was flown in especially for our dinner guests. ;) I'm going to take a moment to tell you that I've had plenty of pizza in my life. And from Italy to NYC, D'Marios can take 'em all!!! Thanks you, thank you, thank you!!!!! More thanks goes to our dessert donors who handmade loads of delish just for us, just because they are incredible people.

The silent auction was full of lovely and abundant items. And by the end of the night ... all we had left to do was draw the winning name for our GRAND PRIZE from the marvelously generous folks at Pink Paislee!

You shoulda seen everyone investigating, oohing and awing over this big bundle of scrap fun. In a lovely turn of events, one of Pink Paislee's designers and a dear friend of the foundation, Shawna, not only helped design plenty of items in the basket, but she also designed this year's krop logo on the tees! And—get this—Pink Paislee has a new line with a design group called House of 3, of which Rhonna Farrer is a founder. The same Rhonna Farrer who designed our VERY FIRST Kyrie Foundation t-shirt, which happened to be our very first fundraiser, too. Is that divine, or what?

So, at the end of the night, the big winner was Theresa!!!!!!!!

A big thank you to her, too, for coming to help set-up the night before just because we needed some help. Love that.

As with any event, there are more details and more planning and more work and prep than you can imagine, like Kathy lending us a few more tables, Family Church once again letting us use their space, like Trish printing out labels for us, like Lane, Andi, Wendy, Susan, Angie, Theresa, Michelle, Theresa, Jayce, Audrey and friends for setting us/tearing down, like Danny running to get more pop or Amy running to get more plates, Cara printing the shirts, like Melissa and Chad doing dishes and everyone for just being with us and supporting the cause.

Each year I'm speechless when our Queen of the Krop, Christy Freeman, starts talking about ideas for next year. What? She isn't ready to strangle us? ;) She has willingly and gladly given so much time and energy over the last four years to make each krop happen. And she has just as much enthusiasm for the event now as she did in 2008. Another hug full of gratitude to you, Christy and to your patient husband. We love you!

Again, thank you all for making Saturday happen for good!

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Teresa - in the Middle Side of Life said...

It was so much fun! I can't wait until next year. Loved it all and I was more than glad to help set up and tear down. You can count on me for next year, too.

Teresa (LOL - without the "h")