Monday, July 9, 2007


So it's now been officially three months we've been without her. Longer than we knew Kyrie even had a PNET. Seasons have changed. Life has moved on. My heart has not.

Traveling abroad, I kept hearing Jordan's voice in my mind say, "It's just not fair." And over and over again, I'd see families with small children, who, from the outside, looked impatient, unappreciative, selfish. I'd silently ask, "Why not them?" Or rude fellow passengers. Why not them? Or the terrorists. Why not them? Or the families more interested in television than each other. Why not them? Or the self-righteous. Why not them? Or vainglorious celebrities. Why not them? Or, heck, even me. Why not me?

This weekend, the family came to visit Amanda & Ryan in their new home and to celebrate our sister's birthday. Dad visited the local Catholic church to find out Mass times in their bulletin: Prince of Peace in Olathe, Kansas. And in their bulletin, do you know who was still on their prayer list? Our girl, Kyrie! What a comforting surprise! And, in a way, it made me feel like she was with us.

She is with us. Seen and unseen, remember? So this week, I'm going to keep a look out for more Kyrieness. I hope you do, too.


motherof2 said...'s hard to hear and feel the pain that I know you all are in. There aren't any words..just that I am here and so are so many others. Just lean on us..and lean on Him..He hasn't left you. Think of Him as a daddy with soft, comforting arms..wanting to hold you as you cry. His heart can be trusted. We all were made for one purpose..His, me, and kyrie. and we were made in His image..a thought that has helped me..meaning He feels this pain too..It hurts Him that we are hurting. And yet He can't tell us why, we just have to trust Him. Sending lots of love and prayers today, motherof2

ksfaith said...

I picked up my Kyrie tee today and I cannot wait to wear it. I cannot wait to tell people about her, about the impact she has made on so many lives, and about all the good that is being done and is going to be done in her honor! I'm sure the hurt you all feel is still so very great - know that people haven't forgotten you and that prayers are still being lifted daily!! I picture God carrying you through this time just as you, Jordan and Lacie, carried Kyrie through her toughest days!! He loves us more than we can ever imagine and desires to hold us tight! Just keep running to Him with all your thoughts, fears, questions, doubts, tears and praises!! Thinking of you,