Monday, July 30, 2007

Little girls. Big hearts.

Instead of the normal pile of birthday presents, two friends (with the help of their amazing parents) in Council Bluffs, IA, decided to celebrate turning nine this past weekend by hosting a skating party where their friends brought donations instead of gifts. Abby chose a cause that is raising funds to build an religious education center to honor a friend of the family who was taken as the prime age of 34. Emma chose the Kyrie Foundation.

For us, walking into a room and seeing others wear their "Go, Kyrie, Go!" shirts was honor enough! To have these young ladies join in the fundraising was breathtaking. Their birthday choice may fund the research that saves a life! Amazing.

This is Emma and her mom, Maureen.

Maureen gave birth to twin girls in early February, number four & five for their family. She also made the girls special outfits for the party. Do you recognize little Ella Sue's onesie design?

And Ava Ann's matching ensemble?

The adults got in on the skating action, too. Here's Emma's dad, John, skating under the limbo stick--so fast, he's blurry! In the background, you can see Chad wearing his shirt, too.

And for the grand finale: a game of Red Light, Green Light.

We're so grateful to you, girls! Thank you for doing good!


Chad E. said...

Like Megan, I am completely humbled by what the girls and their parents chose to do. Thanks to everyone that made a contribution. I am energized by the momentum provided to the foundation by such great people.

Melissa said...

GO, EMMA & ABBY, GO!!! I am so proud of your decision! What amazingly generous girls you are! Thank you for what you've done for the foundation and for all of the children that will benefit from your caring hearts!

I'm once again, inspired!!!

Big Love,