Monday, July 23, 2007


Been thinking a lot in the last week or so about where we've been and where we've come here on this blog. Apologies for the absence, but we wanted to make sure that we were on the right track. Believe it or not, we still have new people joining us each week! And slowly, one by one by one, all of us are teaming together to make a difference by supporting the foundation and personally challenging ourselves to do good things for others on behalf of Kyrie.

For newcomers, you may wonder what a story about an overlooked concert violinist has to do with Kyrie. Or what a quote from Gen. Patton or a video of a man singing opera or a family trip or St. Augustine has in common with Kyrie. The answer is everything. Everything here has been to honor her and to thank you.

It was here on this site that our rallying cry, "Go, Kyrie, Go!" was born out of the momentum of you choosing to do good things with your life, be it all the generosity that you bestowed on Jordan & Lacie or perhaps the good deed you did for someone while thinking of Kyrie. It was as if Kyrie was pushing people to do better, to be more, to go further. Since then, each post has been an effort to inspire you to keep going and to keep looking for opportunities to be a part of Kyrie's legacy. For some, you may appreciate more now. For others, you may be encouraged to take a leap of faith. For still others, you may have made your friends or family a new priority.

We have chosen to fight pediatric brain cancer. Another has chosen a charitable career. Another has chosen to organize frequent nights to cultivate deeper friendships. Another has chosen to begin a ministry. Yet another has chosen to give to The Kyrie Foundation in lieu of birthday gifts. And it goes on and on, like little pin lights of good shining toward the heavens.

Because of the little random quotes and stories shared here, people feel propelled, emboldened, encouraged to keep going. It's why people are sending us mail like this:

and this:

Some days are tough, though. We try to share that, too, because it's part of the complete picture. It's the human shortcoming in spite of the greater good.

Lord knows that a load of statistics wouldn't have compelled you to care for this family or about fighting pediatric brain cancer. Nor would mere business updates about the foundation. The love has been among the details, even the uncomfortable ones. Lacie & Jordan have been kind enough to share Kyrie and their story with thousands of people here, and that's what has made all the difference. She compels, just like the other heart-stirring ideas shared here. It's amazing how many lives have been touched by their little girl. And we're honored to know that you're wearing your shirts with such care and love.

So please know that so long as you are inspired, we will continue to inspire.

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Melissa said...

Inspired...a fire rekindled...once again, just the words I needed.

Go, Kyrie, Go...

Thanks Meg.