Monday, August 20, 2007

Caring & Wearing.

Here's another set of very caring people wearing their Go, Kyrie, Go! t-shirts. Thanks, Leah!

These were from about a month ago when me, my husband Derek, and my friend Sarah (the blonde) did the 'Race to Rebuild Greensburg' in Kingman, KS. It was a Kyrie-inspired event, so naturally we had to wear the tees!! Then after the race we flew out to Ponca City, OK to have lunch (Derek is a pilot). Kyrie came along with us to lunch as well! She was definatly using her wings that day!! She started in Wichita, then to Kingman, then to Ponca City, all before noon!!

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Chad E. said...

Leah, Derek and Sara,

Thank you for spreading the word (and your wings) about The Kyrie Foundation. Your actions are very inspirational. Keep Doing Good and thanks again.