Thursday, August 23, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for coincidence. With a raised eyebrow, the word coincidence includes an element of chance, a mere alignment of happy indiscretion. But as Oprah and others will tell you, there are no coincidences. To even recognize something as a "coincidence," well, there must be a message, a clue, a reason within, right? Otherwise why bother noticing?

For the past week or so, Chad has spotted a beautiful blue butterfly in our garden. He's been seeing it so often that he snapped a photo of it the other evening (we'll post tomorrow!). Coincidence? Perhaps, but I like to think of it as a little thumbs up, a little clue that we're all moving in the right direction.


Alli said...

hello everyone,
I lost my sister in a car accident wow almost eight years ago. Well ever since her passing my Mother has noticed a red bird out side her window at work or at home or over at the pool. Then when i moved out I would see one almost everyday in the tree outside my apartment. My brother moved to KC last year for school and yep he has a red bird too! I believe that the Red bird or birds that my family continues to see is my sister saying Hi and I am still with you. So your butterfly could be Kyrie saying HI. I believe in the little signs that most people miss. so keep your eyes peeled for a bird or a butterfly or whatever. You never know how they are going to give you the humbs up as Megan said.
lots of love

humblepie said...

I'll keep an eye out for red birds and think of your sister, too. ;) Thanks for sharing, Alli.

Leah Rundle said...

Oh! I can't wait to see the picture!!
I don't think that is a coincidence at ALL!! That is the coolest thing I have heard in a LONG time!!
Just like Alli thinks her red birds are her sister saying 'Hi', I think the blue butterfly is Kyrie saying 'I LOVE all the wonderful things that are happening in my name!'
I hope it is anyway!! I hope that she can feel the love and support that we all STILL have for her!!

Melissa said...

I have no doubt that your little butterfly is a gift from your little angel butterfly. I don't know if God allows our loved ones to send little warm-fuzzy moments, little signs of encouragement to us or if it's just by the pure Grace of God that He KNOWS we need those little signs to get us from day to day. Either way, I know they are real.
I'm so happy that Kyrie's saying Hi to Aunt Meg and Uncle Chad. I know that she's proud of the work you are doing in her name.
Today I'm thankful for hearts... for the amazing, beating machine that God placed within us. This thing that powers our entire body...however, beyond the mechanics of the heart, I'm thankful for those GOOD HEARTS out there. For those with hearts of gold that go out of their way to help others. For those who care enough about people they've never met to encourage, support and love. For those who take a horrible situation and turn it into something positive, something that will forever change the world we live in for the better...

You all continue to inspire me.

Big Love,