Monday, August 6, 2007

Something to share.

Remember our artist friend Rhonna who designed the Kyrie Foundation's t-shirt? Well, if you pick up the latest special issue of Paper Crafts magazine, you'll see on page 74 & 75, a journal project that her 21-Day Challenge inspired. Last year, Rhonna promoted the idea of a 21-day challenge to break a less-than-desirable habit; twenty-one days being the length of time in which a new habit will stick. Creative journaling chronicles the emotional/spiritual process.

Willingness to change is never easy. Even moreso, the conscious willingness to bear struggles come what may is nothing short of a miracle. This willingness to carry on is really the essence of courage, and it's evidence of real, day-to-day faith. Make no mistake: courage is difficult. And many times right behind a moment of miraculous courage comes our human selfishness, wanting it our way, wanting it to be easy, wanting God to change things, wanting God to change His will. This struggle between the selfish comfort of habit or blame or ease and the awareness of becoming better, of choosing grace is a daily challenge. It's like having the past & future, the worst & the best within you all at once.

There's a song about this struggle, this fulcrum point where two feelings collide, and wanting to get to the good side. Perhaps that good side is heaven. Maybe you'll like "Twilight" from Shaun Groves.

And if you come to courage today, you may be inspired by this one, too.


Chad E. said...

I continue to be amazed by how all of the things posted on this blog have been inspired and created under one, powerful "umbrella" which is Kyrie. No matter what has been posted and what the future format/venue will be (i.e. foundation website at, all of this has been, will be and ALWAYS will be done because of her and in her name. Thanks again to everyone for spreading the word about the foundation. With your help, we will succeed.

- Chad

motherof2 said...

Megan, thank you for continuing to cheer us all onward. For not allowing us to give up..for energizing our spirits with your unexpected and contagious optimism. How do you do it? Where did it come from? You are one of the most "useable" people that I have personally ever encountered!