Monday, March 3, 2008

Bunny tracks.

Our dear friend Susan is about to don her ears again this year! Here's how you can help:

"Frosty" was just a short 2+ months ago, and we are all about over the cold and dreary days. So what could make us move from the thumpity-thump-thump of Frosty & Elf Rita to the hippotty-hop-hop of the Easter Bunny?!

Well...SPRING is just around the corner! And what a perfect way to celebrate warmer weather than to spread a little sunshine!!

The "Easter Bunny" (ME!)and her faithful assistant, "Eggbert", (Rita...great name for her I thought!)are headed back to the Wesley Hospital Pediatric Floor & PICU to cheer up some little ones that will be stuck in the hospital during Easter Weekend.

We will be following the Bunny Trail on Good Friday, March 21, 2008! (Only 3 weeks away!) Anyone interested in helping fill the Easter Basket (wagon), please feel free to donate: money, toys, stuffed animals, books, stickers, activities to do in bed, games, crafts, gift cards, color books, crayons, play dough, puzzles, etc...

Please have all donations to us by Friday, March 14.

Susan Jae Eckel "E.B."
3738 S. Dugan
Wichita, KS 67215

As we've done in the past, Easter 2007 and Christmas 2007, our visit will be in honor & memory of Kyrie Dawn Thome. (How we got started....)

GO! Kyrie!! GO!!!


Chaney said...

We would love to donate some items for this great event! I was wondering if there is any way that we could take the items to Susan instead of mailing them? Or meet here somewhere? Please let us know if that's a possibility!

Clarkers said...

This is off subject but I just had to post... I received my bracelets today and they were so sweet!!! Everything even the packaging, the card attached with info on the foundation and Kyrie's picture and the way Melissa wrote: GO, KYRIE, GO on the outside of the envelope! It just brought me to tears... I know this foundation is going to do great things!!! Blessings, Leslie

humblepie said...

Susan, can you comment on Chaney's request?

Glad that you are happy with your bracelets, Clarkers! Just what we love to hear!

ksfaith said...

I too, received my mother/daughter bracelets today and they are beautiful! My mind starting racing thinking of who I could gift these to!! I can't wait for Kyrie's story to be shared with more and more people!
She inspires me daily and so do you ~ Jordan, Lacie, Megan, Chad, Melissa, Terry, Susan, Marjorie, and the rest of Kyrie's family and friends. Everyone here who is moving forward with hope and purpose. We press on when we press into God and I can feel him at work through this foundation, blog, ultimately through Kyrie's spirit still with us!!