Monday, March 17, 2008


Kyrie has another friend now, one who can run like the wind & jump into the clouds & play a round of hoops with the best of them, one who can tell her all about the Hawkeyes. Ethan went to his heavenly home on Saturday morning.

After years of bravely battling a relentless cancer and in the midst of growing up into an amazing "superboy," Ethan and his family have been an incredible inspiration to us. Their wherewithal, their outpouring of unceasing love and their tenacity to live an enriched, faith-filled life, to live in the moment and to make the next moment count, too, is a shining example of grace & fortitude.

For years, they have dwelled within the soul's marrow, where life & death duel round the clock, accepting every milestone, every setback and every smile as God's will, yet at the same time, grieving at the unfathomable way God has assigned those milestones, setbacks and smiles into a finite amount.

We are with you, Grimm family, in prayer, spirit, tears and hope.

And I saw the river
over which every soul must pass
to reach the kingdom of heaven
and the name of that river was suffering:
and I saw a boat which carries souls across the river
and the name of that boat was

Saint John of the Cross

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