Friday, March 21, 2008

Friday of Good.

Found this very apropos explanation of Good Friday by Ken Collins:

Calling the day of the crucifixion ‘Good’ Friday is a designation that is peculiar to the English language. In German, for example, it is called Karfreitag. The Kar part is an obsolete word, the ancestor of the English word care in the sense of cares and woes, and it meant mourning. So in German, it is Mourning Friday. And that is what the disciples did on that day—they mourned. They thought all was lost.

... There are a number of cases in set phrases where the words God and good got switched around because of their similarity. One case was the phrase God be with you that has turned into good-bye. So perhaps Good Friday was originally God’s Friday. But I think we call it Good Friday because, in pious retrospect, all that tragedy brought about the greatest good there could be.

I can see virtue in either terminology. If we call it Mourning Friday, as in German, we are facing reality head on, taking up the cross if you will, fully conscious that the Christian walk is seldom a walk in the park. But if we call it Good Friday, as in English, we are confessing the Christian hope that no tragedy—not even death—can overwhelm God’s providence, love, and grace.

Today, we're honoring the goodness of that sacrifice by creating some goodness of our own. The Easter Bunny & Eggbert as well as a few eggstra-special helpers are planning their visit to Wesley Hospital this evening, putting some good into Good Friday and some cheer into an otherwise tough day for children and their families undergoing medical care. Photos to come next week!

Also, please keep the Halley family in your prayers this Easter weekend.

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23 Weekers said...

The "Easter Bunny" brought my son, Carver, a nice Easter basket Friday while he was in the PICU recovering from surgery for a G-Tube and fundoplycation. My son is a 23 weeker preemie survivor. He has had a long painful struggle this past year. Your thoughtfulness brightened our day. Thank you so much!

Happy Easter!