Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a little yarn can do.

I've been completely amazed by the creative generosity of children who know about The Kyrie Foundation. Like Emma & Abby who asked for donations instead of birthday presents; like Madison who incorporates The Kyrie Foundation into her school reports and art projects. And most recently for Brett.

A while back his mom told me that he was making bracelets to sell. Half of the money, he said, should go to a good cause to help sick kids, and his mom suggested The Kyrie Foundation.

Now, Brett has been an avid fan of yarn for some time now, making his first loops when he was just in first or second grade. So when his mom told me about his plan, I asked her to send a photo of the bracelets right away. This week, I received a lovely letter and ... half a dozen yarn bracelets!

Brett's method is VERY scientific, as you will see from his report that he sent as well. Highly planned and documented.

I am wowed by this for several reasons: entrepreneurial spirit like Henry Ford, artisanship like couture designers in Paris, methodology like Louis Pasture and philanthropy like Carnegie—all in the idea of one boy.

As for the bracelets, here is a sneak peek at what Brett will have available at the Clearwater craft fair in the fall!

Thank you, Brett, for helping save kids from brain cancer!!!!!

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