Friday, March 13, 2009

Something kinda cool.

So if you were one of the lucky Kyrie Foundation patrons who was able to attend our art+gift auction, Metamophosis 2008, you would have had the chance to bid on a couple pieces from a very talented artist, Grady McFerrin, who resides in Brooklyn, N.Y.

Grady donated a really cool concert poster for The Decemberists, an over-sized, letterpress print of an illustrated wine label and a vintage poster for the Kent State Folk Festival. All super cool examples of his creative talent.

Now you, too, can purchase Grady's style with some new work he's done for Chronicle Books.

Like beautiful, over-sized sticky notes.

Or a bohemian-looking photo album.

Or bookplates and stickers.

Talented and generous to our cause. Love that. Hope to see him represented again at Metamorphosis 2009!

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Lissasings said...

I disagree...something WAY cool! :) Thanks for sharing!