Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A special visit today!

Today is the big day when Frosty, Elf Rita and the Merrymakers visit Wesley Hospital's pediatric unit to deliver all the goods and goodies that you've donated to them this year! They have been able to turn ordinary, everyday events like hosting a Halloween party and giving away unnecessary clothing into grand opportunities for giving to this special annual event.

I dropped off a sack of toys & books at Frosty's parents house last month and Frosty's pops told me how incredible it was for him to help make this delivery each year—the sheer joy on the children's faces, relief and gratitude in the parents' expressions, kind support from the nursing staff—it's all really miraculous to behold.

We are SO grateful for Frosty and Elf Rita's time, attention and energy to organize and manage this fantastic trip each year in Kyrie's name. You have altruistically grown this amazing good out of unspeakable sorrow. Your constant love and creativity has been a healing balm to our family in ways that we can't even find words to explain. We know that your visit will do precisely the same thing for other families tonight!


Ben said...

Frosty, Elf Rita, Lacy & Jordan, & the rest of the Kyrie Foundation team-
Thank you again for the amazing visit tonight! I can't begin to tell you how much this truly means to so many of our kids and families! I don't know if I've seen that many tears of joy in the eyes of some of our parents here in a long time! The interactions and the smiles from some of our kids tonight were something that none of us could bring to them, and Frosty and her team managed to do just that. Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas and New Year. You have worked hard to bring joy to these families, and please know how much it is truly appreciated! Looking forward to Easter :)
Ben @ Wesley Child Life

tif said...

YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME!!!! the kids were SO excited to show us their toys, and the parents were so happy and grateful for the gas cards...those will help so, so much for our out of towners. i really love how great you guys are for doing this for our kiddos. go, kyrie, go!
tiffany, rn, wesley peds

tif said...

um, i think it ate my comment. :) or something. i just wanted to say thanks SO much for coming today and leaving such great presents for the kids and their parents! my patients were psyched to show me their toys and candy, and the parents were so touchingly grateful for the gas cards. even those who couldn't speak english were quick to show them to us, with obvious cheer! i love ya'lls foundation and i just want you to know that i think ya'll are awesome. go, kyrie, go!