Sunday, December 20, 2009

Wait till you get a load of this ...

Frosty has done it again! Now we've got an award-winning singer on our elf crew this year! Read this amazing note from Frosty:

You know that old saying…
"That is music to my ears!"

Well, I now have a whole new appreciation for that saying.

You see, I was sitting at the Jim Brickman concert in Wichita, Kansas on November 23, enjoying his beautiful talents, thinking how relaxing and soothing his piano music was. When I thought, "I know who could really use some relaxation and soothing!"

So the next day, I sent off an e-mail to Jim Brickman's public relations person, explaining Kyrie's story and telling about the "Frosty & Friends" annual Christmas Trip to Wesley Hospital. I shared with her that not only do we shower the children with gifts, but we also like to include the parents who are stuck there, ever-so-worried about their kiddos.

I inquired as to whether they would consider donating some of Jim Brickman's CD's for us to hand out to some of the parents that we met while we were making our rounds on December 23rd.

Immediately, I had a reply…
"How many do you need?!"


You see, people want to do good. They need to do good. It's not what the doing-good does for others, but what that doing-good does for US!

And sometimes all it takes is for someone to ask a simple question.
To make a request.
Just inquire.
And then…there it is. Goodness.

I answered the question with, "We usually visit between 20 to 30 children." And what did I find in my mailbox within just days?
30 of Jim Brickman's "Homecoming" holiday CDs.

Sent with love.
Filled with goodness.
And…sweet, sweet music.

Haven't heard of Jim Brickman? You are missing out! Check out his website, buy a CD for you, give one as a gift.

And listen.
Not only will you hear notes and chords and melodies and lyrics…but woven into all of that, oh-so-quiet, you can hear the chant of "Go Kyrie, Go!" "Go Kyrie, Go!"

Thank you Mr. Brickman. And thank you to Jim's public relations person. Frosty will be sure to pass on a good word for you two on to Santa!

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