Thursday, December 24, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for this night, a night to honor what was given freely with love, without expectation or manipulation or resentment or conditions. Just like the kind of giving we are capable of giving, too, right? To give our time because its use is bigger than if we kept it to ourselves. To give our ideas and energy because two brains are better than one ... and because you know what happens when two or more are gathered in His name. To give our resources and watch them multiply beyond our wildest dreams. To give our love and care because more than deserving it, he or she simply needs it.

I am thankful because of a night over 2,000 years ago means for us today losing someone we love in our lives is a temporary good-bye.

I'm thankful for nights like last night, when a group of warm-hearted do-gooders led by Frosty and Elf Rita find the courage to be in a place where no one wants to be at this time of year, where suffering for moms, dads, grandparents, siblings and children hangs heavy in fluorescent-lit hallways. I'm thankful that Kyrie is a conduit for sharing and caring and cheer and joy. She certainly was that for her parents when she was here.

I'm thankful for this night in November. These images are courtesy of Chris Bendet Photography, a fantastically generous photographer who made his second-annual appearance at the art auction. We are still reeling with gratitude for all that made that night possible.

Craig & Lee Lueck, Dave Lueck and Gareth Agnew were incredible. Shopping and chopping, getting and prepping, on their feet all day and night to make delicious and nutritious morsels for munching. Dave and Kristi Swob garnered a copious amount of donations for us and turned their dining room into Gift Central. For Anna's aunt Wendy for driving all the way from Wichita to support the event. So many other friends who made time that evening for this little cause with big might. Oh, so thankful for all of you.

For another year that has been particularly awful for Chad and me, these nights are the bright, hopeful lights of 2009. We are thankful that you haven't left us! We are thankful that brighter days lie ahead, that the journey is lighter when traveled with friends, and we're thankful that this is not the end.

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