Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Update from Frosty!

Talk about initiative—this is amazing! I have always preferred QT for their cleanliness, but now they've got my business for anything convenience related! Read on ...

I decided to venture out a little bit this year and not only ask friends & family for donations towards our Annual Kyrie Christmas Trip to Wesley Hospital Pediatric/PICU Floor…(12/23/09)but to inquire with a couple of bigger entities.

In September, I sent a letter to the main office of QuikTrip in Wichita, explaining what we do and why we do it. I told them that not only do we hand out goodies to all the kiddos in the hospital, but we also like to give the parents a little something to help out a bit. Gas cards and gift certificates to restaurants.

And then…I waited.

I resent the letter in October, telling myself it had just gotten lost in the shuffle.

And…I waited.

Third time's a charm they say…so I re-mailed for the 3rd time in November.


Finally decided that they must have already filled their charitable donation limit, and told myself to mail that letter in May next year!

But then…the phone rang yesterday.

A nice lady saying she was from QuikTrip was on the other end of the line. She explained that their Contributions Committee only met quarterly,and yes they had received my letter(s)! :-)

The generous QuikTrip Contributions Committee voted to donate…

20 - $20.00 QuikTrip Gift Cards

Friends…that is $400.00 worth! $400.00 that that we can now spend on more goodies for those sick children. $400.00 of stuffed animals, games, craft kits, blankets, toys, books, playdough, coloring books & crayons.


Persistence pays off.

So does patience.

And so does generosity.

As I hope when you read this, you will file it away in your mind,and next time you need to swing in somewhere for gas, or a snack, or a soda, or a sandwich, or a lottery ticket, or…

that you will choose QUIKTRIP!

What goes around, comes around.

Pay it forward.

Do unto others as you would have them to unto you.

You get the drift…

Tis the Season!


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amynelsonmom said...

Good Job Frosty! Way to have faith and keep it! It is amazing what happens when you allow God to work in his perfect timing. Let me know if you need help distributing this year. And Quiktrip here I come! So thankful for "good do-ers" like you and QT.