Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Hey, Friends!

With preparations for the Twilight Walk in full swing, the foundation needs all the help we can get. So those of you dear & faithful readers who are scratching your heads wondering what you can do to help (aside from attending this fantastic event!), I have just the thing!

Right now, spreading the word about the event and Kyrie's story is supremely important, so:

if you would like a poster to put up in your office or your breakroom or your church, please e-mail me.

if you would like a PDF attachment to e-mail everyone in your address book about the event, please e-mail me.

if you would like me to submit an announcement to your church, your company's newsletter, your online group or if you would like to submit on our behalf, please e-mail me.


Go, Kyrie, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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