Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Housekeeping Notes.

Just a few things that are good to know about some of the upcoming events.

First off, I hope I'll be able to hug many of you tomorrow night at Larry Bud's in Wichita for our fundraiser hosted by Splurge! magazine. Starts at 5 p.m. and think they're open till 2 a.m.! Jordan & Lacie will be there, too, and I know they would love to thank in person the readers here for reading. Also, we'll be able to register patrons tomorrow night for the walk! But it's cash or check. If you'd like to pay with a credit card, you've got our online event registration site that you can use right now!

The Twilight Walk is picking up steam! If you checked in the Wichita Eagle this week, we're on their calendar, and I'm hearing that many of you are seeing announcements of the walk here & there. And, boy, have we have been supported by the generosity of sponsors and friends! We couldn't be doing this without you. And ... in the next week, we'll give you a list of our current Twilight Walk sponsors. I gently encourage you, that if you have a choice, please patron these businesses. These are businesses that have shown us all that they care about kids.

And ... for those of you signed up for the Kyrie Foundation Krop in October--whoa, Nellie!--do we have some fantastic goodie bags loaded with great stuff and plenty of amazing prizes! More on that soon!

It's getting more and more exciting and we gear of for a fall of fundraising! Please join us for this incredible season!

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