Sunday, August 31, 2008

Thank you Creative Visions Photography.

We're very happy to have Creative Visions Photography with us for the Twilight Walk!

Creative Visions might be best known for their wedding photography, beautifully capturing moments from the veil to riding off into the sunset. However, Creative Visions also snaps those darling Little League photos around the area as well as traditional family portraiture. Enter the Twilight Walk.

Usually it's Mom or Dad who's taking the photos on any given day when normal & funny family moments are happening. On September 27 in our Family Photo Booth, it will be the professionals with Creative Visions, and one of the coolest things is that they'll be commemorating your family doing good for a cause. Maybe it's a sweet snap of you & the kids in your Twilight Walk tees. Maybe it's your teenage daughter and her friends hamming it up for the camera. Maybe it's your kids making funny faces at each other. Maybe it's your team of cancer fighters posing for this history-making event. For just $7, you'll get a professional 5x7 mailed to your door, a memento of the evening, a reminder of doing good together. Proceeds go to The Kyrie Foundation.

Creative Visions Photography is a gold sponsor for the Twilight Walk. An enormous thank you and an even more enormous hug for capturing the incredible people who are planning to support us!

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