Saturday, August 30, 2008

Thank you Vickie & Steve.

The Kyrie Foundation is both professionally & personally grateful for the generous sponsorship of the Vickie & Steve Nienke family. We are honored and humbled that a family--the very thing that we're ultimately trying to preserve through curing children--is represented in such a big way.

Vickie & Steve's daughter was one of my dearest high school friends. We had so many great times in that authentic, happy, yellow Volkwagon Bug, which I still affectionatly call "The Yellow Bugmarine." She was a talented vocalist then, just as she is now. And her parents were always supporting her, her brother, the school and their friends in so many good ways.

The Nienke family has known their share of heartaches, too, which connects us in another way that neither of us would choose. However, I will forever think of their endurance and generosity as inpiration for me to do & be the same.

The Nienke family is a gold sponsor for the Twilight Walk. Words cannot accurately express how much gratitude we have for you and how honored we are to have your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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