Friday, June 4, 2010

Another Do Good Idea

You're never going to believe this!

What if I told you that two amazing souls on this earth decided to turn their special day into a special way to do good?

Well, that's exactly what Donna Fritz and Bob Newell did. Donna is the dear mother of longtime commentator and generous volunteer Kristi Swob. Kristi's dedication to The Kyrie Foundation's goal has been nothing short of extraordinary. So when it came time for Kristi's mom and her sweetheart, Bob, to plan their wedding, instead of registering for gifts, they decided to ask their guests to donate to charity. Donna & Bob chose the Ronald McDonald House and ... The Kyrie Foundation!!!

Is this not one of the loveliest things you've ever heard of!?! We are so incredibly blessed by this extreme act of do-goodness. Oh, for love to be so loving ... isn't it just so good?

So a whopping thank you to all of Donna & Bob's generous guests. It is no wonder they have chosen such extremely special people to be their friends. And a warm and monumental amount of gratitude to Donna & Bob for including a sweet little girl's life and purpose in their celebration. The love you two share for one another has grown to encompass so many now. The Kyrie Foundation wishes you both a blessed and beautiful marriage!!!


Sam, Sarah, Claudia, Camile, Maya, and Gabriel said...

Love this. I would also like to request prayer for another guy who is in for the fight of his life and happens to be my cousin. One more reason to support pediatric brain cancer!!!

humblepie said...

Oh, yes, Christian will definitely be in my prayers for total healing.

Please, as everyone is enjoying summer with their own healthy children, let's remember keep Christian, Kate, Elliot & Edouard and their families in our prayers.