Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Uppercase Living Sale!

I got a great phone call from Niki Gehring last night with another super do-good idea. Niki is an independent sales director with Uppercase Living, the company that creates beautiful wall designs with inspiring words and images, like this:

and this

and this.

See that cheerleader? That's a giant cut-out photo. Yep, Uppercase Living can to that kind of stuff for you, too.

She's offering to donate 100% of her commission (the proceeds) of everything you purchase from now until the end of June--next Wednesday!  Here are the details:

Uppercase Living offers a unique and affordable way to stylize your home, and express your personality with one-of-a-kind vinyl lettering and decor.  Every one of our expressions is made to choose your size and color. 

Place an order with Uppercase Living from now until Tuesday, June 29th and all the proceeds from your order will be donated to The Kyrie Foundation. 

In addition, ALL VINYL is currently  
(unlimited quantity!)
Here's what you do:
1. go to where you can view all that UL has to offer, and make your purchase online. 
2. send and email to Niki Gehring at  Include your name and order number.
To view a video that showcases the Uppercase Living used in Niki's home go to:
Please share this offer with your friends and family!
 Let's see how much we can raise for the Kyrie Foundation in the next 5 days!
Contact Niki Gehring  with any questions or for ideas

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