Monday, June 21, 2010

New shirts! New shirts!

To celebrate 2010 as the year we bestowed our very first $50,000 research grant, we commissioned a new t-shirt design!

Kansas City artist Kristen Keller generously agreed to donate her design skill and innate talent to create an image that embodied all that we have become as a foundation and our intent as we move forward in this battle. Isn't it GEEE-OR-GEEE-OUS?!

She made a woodcut design first and then applied artistic layers to create dimensional interest. See how she hand-lettered "Spreading Our Wings" to go with the bird icon? And how at the top, she hand-lettered "50K Strong?" I just love it. What a talent! And to have her share her gift with us is extraordinary. Thank you, Kristen for standing beside us!

We've got the design in this sky-blue color ...

As well as a charcoal grey.

Adult sizes in either color are S, M, L, XL, 2XL. Youth (S, M, L) and toddler sizes (2, 3, 4) are in the sky blue only.

As for the back, it looks like this—again, hand-lettered by Kristen.

So ... if you want to place an order, just visit our site here! We plan to have them at our upcoming Kyrie Klassic golf tournament and 2010 Twilight Walk for purchase as well.

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