Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Today I'm thankful for all of our GoodSearchers. It might be the easiest-peasiest way to help The Kyrie Foundation ever created. We are delighted with each & every one of you who have made your homepage GoodSearch for The Kyrie Foundation. To date, we have earned over $750 just for searching the internet like we'd be doing anyway.

For those of you who don't know what GoodSearch is, here's a little info:
You reading this on the web right? You likely search on the web, too, right? With Google, Yahoo!, etc ... What if you simply used GoodSearch instead? What if every time you typed in something to search, a penny went to research? GoodSearch is powered by Yahoo!'s search engine, so you get the same relevant finds you would with Yahoo!. Just go here and then select The Kyrie Foundation where it asks "Who do you GoodSearch for?"

And now here's something to make it even easier: download the GoodSearch Toolbar for The Kyrie Foundation! Just click here to install the toolbar at the top of your browser. This will make it just as easy as the Google search bar already in your toolbar frame. It'll look like this:

And this will also be an easy reminder to use GoodShop. Did we mention that? Yep, you can do your online shopping through GoodShop at your regular online stores, Target, Amazon, iTune, eBay, etc., and a smidgen goes to The Kyrie Foundation, too. Totally free--no added fees or anything. Chad & I are in the market for a new fridge. Looking at Lowes right now online to purchase via GoodShop. Ka-ching! Cool food for us, research $ for the foundation. Love that.

So thankful for the makers of GoodSearch. It's so nice to have support like this, an easy tool like this. All it requires is a person to care enough to click. That's it.

Thank you GoodSearchers!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What are you thankful for today?

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