Thursday, June 10, 2010

Why wouldn't I?

It always comes down to little decisions, doesn't it?

Ham or turkey.

Comedy or drama.

Make the appointment or ignore it.

Speak up or keep it to yourself.

Go or don't go.

Call or don't call.

Write or don't write.

Do it or do nothing.

Sometimes people tell me that what we're doing is so big and so important that they never would have the time/energy/ideas/wherewithal to endeavor such a monumental task like daring to take on brain cancer for sick children. I often lose my breath hearing this.

If we weren't doing this, than who would?

I'll let you in on a little secret we have here:

We don't have the time/energy/ideas/wherewithall either. All we do is say "yes."

I am not a superhero here. None of us have any special charitable powers. We just keep saying "yes." We keep thinking that sending an e-mail and making a phone call might just work. We keep trying whatever idea we think sounds good and does good. We operate on blind faith 100% of the time. And ... we don't "make the time." Believe me, I WISH I could make time. We spend the time.

It's irrational, but sometimes when I hear of another family discovering that their child has a brain tumor or I hear we've lost another child, I feel partially responsible. If only I knew a celebrity to help us, if only we had a global corporate sponsor, if only we had a thousand volunteers, if only ...

And that's the irony. Sometimes we want a big magic fix. But big never just appears on it's own. Humans often take big for granted. Big appears as a result of a million little things piled up. Big concerts happen because of hundreds of production people. Big inventions happen because someone spends a lot of little minutes thinking. Big faith manifests from a multitude of everyday circumstances. Big cures happen when someone decides to take on tiny details.

Big results happen because of little decisions. On or off? Go or stay? Yes or no?

And I've been sent to tell you that this is a "yes."

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