Tuesday, March 13, 2007

And so it goes ...

Oh, the crooked irony. Of course, it's the cobbler whose children have no shoes. It's the musician who wakes up deaf, the painter who goes blind, and the athlete who is the victim of a bizarre, paralyzing mishap. And so it goes that a mother whose occupation is hair styling would have a darling daughter who loses her hair.

The chemo has left its most telltale calling card with Kyrie. Just changing her shirt inadvertently pulled out a chunk of hair. The rest of it will likely be gone this week.

The big picture? It doesn't matter. It's just hair. It's okay, it's okay, it's okay.

But she just got the hair four months ago.

For the past year, tiny, smiling hairbows have held on for dear life to Kyrie's fine baby hair. Now? Kyrie will be playing hair stylist with Mommy & Daddy and a bucket of bows. Kyrie has been given plenty of cutie-patootie hats now, too. Heck, she might singlehandedly create the next haberdashery fashion trend!

Kyrie won't care about the hair. It's the rest of us who see this sobering sign upon her tiny head.

It's okay.

Lose the hair. Keep the Kyrie.

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