Thursday, March 1, 2007

Kyrie, Lacie, Nana Jan and Great-Nana Norma.

Sometimes a girl just needs her mom. And even when that girl becomes a mother, sometimes she still needs her mom. And even when that mother becomes a grandma, sometimes she still needs her mom. And even when that grandma becomes a great-grandma, there are times like these when she’s probably asking for extra-special help from her mom.

Motherhood’s delicacy and power careen through our lives every second. From a wondrous vessel, comes the creation of the very vessels that sustain our breath, bone and blood. Mothers keep the world spinning. Her hands butter the toast, zip the jackets and reach for the hugs—that toast, the jackets and the hugs keep us alive. Her wisdom—aloud or silently—wills the development of our own wisdom. We learn beside her; we learn by her, the sum of virtues & faults.

Modernity often belittles motherhood into a mess of years marred by drool, snot and back talk. Sometimes mothers themselves mistake their own worth, and that’s probably because no one has been able to adequately quantify a mother’s love. It’s too immense, too immortal. A mother’s love—all love—pierces miles, generations and even the boundaries of heaven.

Only a mighty holy calculator could measure something like that.

p.s. Chad & I are headed to Wichita for the weekend. Most likely, I won’t post again until Monday.


Lori said...

We want to thank you for helping us stay updated on Kyrie's progress. We are cousins to Gary. My name is Lori Fonken and Judy Cathey. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.

Jamey said...

You are soooo right!!!... there is nothing on earth that compares to "a mother's love", or a grandmother's love, or a great grandmother's love!!!!!
and Kyrie's family is a perfect example of that!!
what is also so awesome.. is the love that perfect strangers feel towards this family & precious little one. God is amazing, isn't He? Keep the prayers going up daily for Kyrie & I feel that blessings will be flowing down abundantly. Jo